Your complete, multipurpose solar backup power system.

The SolarBank power storage system is your key to energy independence and sustainability.

The SolarBank system allows consumers to reduce their electrical cost utilizing off-peak and time-of-use rates.

Time-of-use electric rates are becoming more common. The SolarBank Advanced Energy Management System uses solar power along with stored, lower cost off-peak energy to power your home or small business during higher energy cost periods to save you money.

The SolarBank Advanced Energy Management System is a better way to help manage your home or business energy, supplying instant, clean, quiet power when you need to keep your critical devices running.

Businesses and residences can forget about storm outages, rolling blackouts and brownouts for years to come. Lights stay on, communications stay up, computers keep working, and the climate-control stays on.

How can the SolarBank help you?

Application-specific configuration of the SolarBank Advanced Energy Management System

SolarBank is available in 4 kW or 8, or 12 kW electrical outputs. Either output comes standard with appropriately sized energy storage. 34 kWh is available in the commercial cabinet option. Multiple units can also be used in parallel to address applications requiring higher power output or additional energy storage.

Energy storage is provided by long, high-capacity, sealed, maintenance-free, and fully recyclable batteries. We offer advanced battery chemistry providing discharge cycles and kWh that gives the consumer long-term, reliable energy storage to fit your application. Batteries can be charged by solar, other renewable resources, and off-peak power through the electric utility.

Reduce or eliminate expensive peak demand charges for commercial businesses

Commercial electric rates typically contain a demand charge component. In addition to the monthly kWh billing rate, there’s a substantial charge for the peak amount of electricity used for a brief duration (typically 15 minutes) during that billing cycle. The SolarBank Advanced Energy Management System has the ability to dispatch energy at a preprogrammed time to help reduce or eliminate this expensive peak period. Your electric utility may also offer incentives as part of a demand response program.

  • Building load limiting – This feature supports the automatic dispatch of energy by the SolarBank system to limit electrical demand of a building to a determined user-selectable level. A primary use case would be to limit or reduce the monthly demand charge component of a commercial customer’s electric bill.

Easy integration with your electrical system


Our compact modular design makes installation easy. SolarBank Advanced Energy Management System is installed indoors and comes complete with a Pure Sine Wave inverter, internet-based control interface, solar modules, Solar Charge Controller and maintenance-free batteries.


Your batteries stay charged with your solar installation or through your power company. And if there’s ever a power outage, power is automatically switched over to critical circuits in less than 16 milliseconds so lights stay on, and computers keep working.


The SolarBank Advanced Energy Management System does not need permission from your utility to connect to your service. SolarBank does not parallel generate power to the utility grid. The power from the solar array is either consumed by your daily loads, or stored for later use.

Play it smart with the SolarBank


Energy storage reduces demand on electric bills

In addition to monthly kWh billing, commercial electric rates typically contain a substantial monthly demand charge for the peak amount of electricity used (typically the highest 15 minute interval). The SolarBank stores energy that can be dispatched at a preprogrammed time to reduce this expensive demand charge or take advantage of Time-of-Day rates.


Backup Power for your home or business

The unpredictability of weather, rolling blackouts, brownouts and utility failures can negatively affect your ability to conduct business. Make sure your lights stay on and your tv, internet, computers, refrigerators and other household Appliances security keep working. The SolarBank stores energy in batteries to be automatically dispatched to critical circuits in the event of a power outage – keeping your home safe. Plus, even during a power outage your solar installation keeps producing electricity during the daylight hours.

Complete off-Grid application capabilities


SolarBank is a versatile Energy Management System that can also be use as a stand- alone power system for off grid applications. It has been designed as a plug and play system that can be easily shipped and installed anywhere in the world and can supply reliable power to areas where no grid exists, or power is unreliable. The system is completely designed and is and is able to start producing power within a couple of hours of arriving on site.